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trail mod/mod

Post by xompx on Thu May 28, 2015 7:44 pm

Trail mod/Mod Application Form!

First Name:sol

Last Name:williams


In-Game name:xompx

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63817544

Garry's Mod Experience(Hours of played on DarkRP): on dark rp all my hours thats about 1200 hours

Why should we choose you asTrail Mod/Mod ?:because im experienced and ive played alot i know all the rules and many more stuff.

Any experience as Admin or Moderator on other servers?: yes 3 times 2 times as  SAdmin on darkrp and mod on sandbox

Write 3 paragraphs, describing why you want to be part of the staff team?i want to be part of the team because i find there server tidy(Good Rules) good staff good people who play. well somtimes you get these people who hackers, cheats and rule breakers but im kind but vary stricked im kind to people who are nice and nasty to people who are naughty.

i love this server even though ive played for a bit and i carnt get of it its an amazing server with a good future and i would like to be in that future i hope two paragraphs will do i carnt think of anything else maybe ill make it longer when ive played more but thats it for now.


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Re: trail mod/mod

Post by Gaara Of The Sands on Sat May 30, 2015 3:58 pm

We are updating the template for applications.

-Me and Ganjafar recently "bought" this server from the past owners, Trying to upgrade the server did i "force" it to go down here the last week, Or it broke, And i didnt have time to update the website, I will work on getting this "Up to date" till next friday.

Gaara Of The Sands

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