Admin aplication

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Admin aplication

Post by DunconDeDinosaur on Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:01 pm

Foxy the pirate
i dont really know how many hours. but i play gmod ALOT
You should choose me as an admit because,
If you need admins im the right guy, im on near enough everyday when i havent got uni to do, i'd be on the server and really only that server, i'd follow the rules of being an admin and look out for prop blocking and stuff like that, i'll invite all of my friends i dont know how much i got but i know i have ALOT. theres my reason
any experience as an admin on any other servers? no i dont really apply for it, but my brothers been an admin and ive seen him do stuff as an admin so, i really saved my application to be an admin for another server and really this is a great server to start on and what i'd like to do is get more people to join the server

i want to be apart of the staff team so i can help around and get more people to join the server because like its a great server you need more admins and skjoedt is my friend on steam so like if i need help i can always ask him for it thats really the reason i'd love to be an admin in your server


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