Amars Admin Application

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Amars Admin Application

Post by Amar12334 on Sat Apr 11, 2015 3:07 pm

First Name: Amar

Last Name: Anwar

Age: 11 ( I know its a young age but i am very mature for my age)

In-Game name: Amar

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:55269866

Garry's Mod Experience(Hours of played on DarkRP): Over 900 hours i've had 3 accounts

Why should we choose you as Admin?: I believe I have something to offer this community. When I first found you guys when searching Through the DarkRp server list trying to find a decent rping server I could see this was a rich vibrant community filled with many different type of characters and people some friendly some not so friendly. I so came to finding friends on the server and having a lot of fun with them! And when seeing a rule broken or someone calling out for help because someone has abused the wonderful opportunity this server allows it upsets me that these people would want to ruin this , I speak great English so that's a plus because i know most people on the server speak it and i am really good with sorting situations out and using the best nourishment possible. I can play for 6 hours on weekdays and all day on weekends (Because i have school)

Any experience as Admin or Moderator on other servers?: Yes i have a lot of experience within being staff i was a trusted member of staff on a server called Sandy Gaming it was very popular it was a military rping server it had an avg 40 players a day so i can handle all of the players on the server but it changed because lots of people were saying it was a death match server so when it did change not that many people joined so it shut down due to lack of players wich was a shame because the server was really fun. I was a admin on Craiggerrp it had an avg to 10 players a day but shut down due to lack of players and abusive admins

Write 3 paragraphs, describing why you want to be part of the staff team?

Well to start of i love helping the community its very fun for me and some times people in the community can be rough but its okay because i know how to handle it well and fairly i have a Microphone so i can use that to contact people i can also type i am a very fast typer so if someone is prop spamming i can quickly do my punishment to them , i am very good with admin sits i know how to use logs and how to use the best punishments for players and i can help anyone on the server even staff if they need help i will be there to support them.

I do know being staff will take up my role playing time on the server but i don't really mind because i love helping people more but i do love role playing aswel Wink , i know most of the ULX Commands for example !jail !ban !kick !warn !motd !freeze !setjob so i do know more but i wont bother putting them in i've only played on the server for a bit but i Plan to spend way more time on the server.

I Have lots of ideas for the serves and i know some addons we can get that will make the server a much better place for everyone the thing i love is watching coimmunitys grow like this one it is growing alot and i cant wait to see it grow into a big server like civil gamers or cloud gaming it will be really fun for everyone i know we can handle the players and i know the staff team is great so  we have nothing to worry about , i do know i am young but i think i am very mature for my age  listen here is a quote i know "Age is just a number" and thats true you could be 19 and be the most childish person ever , Sure i have fun alot when i am staff but thats what its all about fun ! but when the time is needed i am serious

If you would like to contact me through game my name is Amar in game

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy!


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