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Admin Application

Post by Jayden1891 on Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:36 pm

Hey i'm [FaTalitY]WOLF my name changes a lot. Anyways that is enough of an introduction.

I have played GMod since 2010 and have 3.5k hours; pretty much all of that is on RP. I have been Admin on 6 RP servers in my time, even owned one but gave up because I couldn't get anywhere with the coding. I have owned quite a few gangs on different servers to spice things up all in which have been successful.
I know a little E2.

What I would do in certain situations.
RDM: Warn them not to do it, if they do it again then I would kick them
Propblock: Tell them to add a keypad, if they don't know how I would explain how to add one.
NLR: Explain the NLR rule and tell them not to go back again.
Propkill: I don't really tolerate it and I think it deserves an instant kick and if it carries on an a ban.
Mass RDM: Don't really tolerate it, instant 60 min ban.

The reason i'm not Admin on those servers any more is because they shut down, however one I left because all the other Admins were being harsh to me, I didn't at all like the community. I enjoy meeting people in a community and getting to know them, i'm 15 and very mature for my age. I often remain calm in almost any situation, same with in real life.

~Thanks for reading my app sunny


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