Otaku Enix (ADMIN APP)

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Otaku Enix (ADMIN APP)

Post by ENG: Enix on Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:24 pm

First Name: Ethan

Last Name: Private/Confidential

Age: 24

In-Game name: Otaku Enix (Chaning to Black Enix)

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:609076

Garry's Mod Experience(Hours of played on DarkRP): I Cannot State my time played on Darkrp, but my playtime on gmod is 2613 Hours Total.

Why should we choose you as Admin?: As i am Very Experianced And i Own a Server Myself

Any experience as Admin or Moderator on other servers?: Yes.

Write 3 paragraphs, describing why you want to be part of the staff team:

P1: Well, I Recently Started Playing The Server and ive really enjoyed my time so far. I Have become friendly with staff and players and are familiar with the rules. I Would Absolutley Love To Help Out, That is Really Why i would like to become admin. I Am Also going to donate at the end of april when i get paid.

P2: I Have Played Garrys Mod For a  LOOOONG Time. I own my own server and i am Very Very Experianced As An Admin/SA/Owner. I Would Hate to see this server go down and This, Is One of the most FRIENDLY Servers I Have Ever Experianced.

P3: I Am Very Kind And Helpful Towards New Players And Experianced Players. I Am Mature And When it Comes to Serious Situations i am Very Very Mature towards the problem. This is My Full Application Of Why I Would LOVE To become a admin and a donator.

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