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Admin Ap :) [ENG]

Post by MINETURTLE [AWP] on Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:42 pm

Hi, I'm Daniel Olsen I am 13 years old and I would like to become an admin on your server, mostly because the server is really fun and funny admins, but also because I like to play on the server Smile

I have played GMOD DarkRP in over 200 hours so I know what the rules are.
But the most serious reason I want to be admin is because I do not really even bother to start my own local server up again because I'll mess with lua encodings and all such things, and because I want to help the server to be popular and get regular players because I know many who play GMOD dark rp

But if the server ever needs help you can just write to me on Steam and i will get on the server as fast as possible Smile

Steam ID STEAM_0:1:67802617

I hope that you liked my Admin Appilication and i hope to be Adminstrator on your server Smile

I hope that i did my grammer good enough for the admins Smile Im only in sixth grade Smile

Uh almost forgot my ingame name so here it is : ☆MINETURTLE [AWP]☆


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