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Member+ aplication by Mortal fusions

Post by Mortal Fusions! on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:08 pm

How much time have you played on our server? 10.38 hours

How many Hours (Or so) Have you played DarkRP? 1200+ on Garry's Mod and most of that time was on Dark rp

Do you have any experience on "Other servers" As an admin?, Are You Stil a admin there? I do have experience from other servers i was a staff for 3 or 4 servers and i am no longer staff for those servers

IF so, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE, WE ONLY WANT YOU TO BE OUR ADMIN. Sorry but for not having any problems using rules from multiple servers.

Why should we choose you? It doesnt have to be a Diary, But we dont take it easy.I think you should choose me because i think i would be a good staff because i try and get rid of rulebreakers 24/7 i really do not like rulebreakers they just ruin the roleplay experience. Also, i think if i had more access to powers because i would be able to deal with situations in a proffessional manor.

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